Latest Obsessions

Latest Obsessions


I’m a very anxious person, and tend to get stuck way too deep inside my head, where nothing but self destructing thoughts lie. I was advised that colouring is a good way of distracting myself, and oh boy was that person right!

I would often just have print outs to colour in, until recently, colouring for grown ups became a thing! Since then, I’ve started a little collection of books; “The Art Therapy Book” by Richard Merritt and Hannah Davies, “The Mindfulness Colouring Book” by Emma Farrarons & finally “Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom.” Amazon at the moment do great value deals for colouring books, my Mum bought me the art therapy and animal kindgom books along with 24 colouring pencils for roughly £12!

For those who are wondering what types of pictures there are to colour in, look no further! 

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Healing Emotional Wounds


Rebecca Q. Bryant


Emotional wounds are often more difficult to recover from than physical wounds or pain. The things that happen to us in our past can continue to stay with us and hurts will often linger until we deal with them. We have to acknowledge our pain clearly and forgive those who have wronged us in order to move on in our lives and find peace.

Some emotional pain can remain hidden and many times I have not realized when things have been there at all. For me, I have always been more comfortable bottling things up and pushing it down, I was never very good at talking about my emotions or being able to express myself when people or situations hurt me deeply. In time, I became so good at it that I didn’t even notice how deeply some things ran myself.

Recently, as I’ve been reading a wide variety…

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Oil pastel study


Breaking Out of the Box

I drew this in my art therapy journal last night.


I should just draw any time that I have problems with anxiety. My art therapy journal isn’t about getting things correct, it’s just to blow off steam. I should start another pad of something for practicing getting things accurate. I still haven’t touched my big pad of news print for drawing exercises because I still need to finish that medical billing and coding class. I have only three chapters left on that bloody thing.

I may wind up going back to school for a BFA in studio arts. I’m not sure when I am going to do this. Is it a “useful” degree? Probably not. I am more wanting to get into a BFA program for self improvement rather than diving into an actual art career. If a nice art career does happen, that would be a bonus.  I will…

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