From Graduate School to Employment: Sharing My Profession & Advocating for the Field

From Graduate School to Employment: Sharing My Profession & Advocating for the Field

The Socially Responsible Practitioner

Briana Colton_280x280Briana Colton graduated in October with her Master of Arts in Counseling: Art Therapy from Adler University. A Chicago resident, she is blogging for us to chronicle her experiences navigating the transition between graduate school and full-time employment—and to share her progress and insights with the Adler community including current students and fellow graduates.  Today she writes:

When I began looking for a job, one of the first pieces of advice I received from mentors in the field of art therapy focused on finding opportunities to advocate for the field.

One woman suggested, “If you have information on a particular topic that you feel is interesting, write up a description and send it along to your former faculty offering to do a guest lecture.”  Another art therapist I know and respect suggested creating workshop ideas and getting practice providing art therapy experiences to different populations.  A third suggested finding a place to volunteer, to…

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About dlasnowski

I have just completed graduate studies at Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio in art therapy and counseling. My goal is to create a community space where creativity can merge with nature. Our society is in need of a re-connection to the arts and nature. A creative and loving approach can change the world. It is hard to believe but two years have gone by since originally posting the above comment. It still holds true...this vision...time to take action and see the possibilities become a reality. Yesterday, I attended the SBA workshop at Firelands College with Rep. Marcy Kaptur hosting the event. She is such an inspiration and shared some great business ideas with me. I'll write more on this as it unfolds. I am looking forward to going to South Dakota next month with a group of art therapists from Ursuline College. We will be working with the Lakota-Sioux children. This has been a dream and now it is a reality. Keep focused on what you want and take small action steps toward your goal. Anything is possible.

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